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Articles of Interest, May 24, 2012

To make up for the solitary link yesterday, here are a whole bunch.

TSA given even more money to harrass, needlessly search and be completely useless.

 Obama is pushing for completely warrantless wiretapping. At what point do people acknowledge that at the very least on the domestic front, he’s turning out even worse than Bush II?

Scary CBO report surmises that we’re about to hit a depression due to this short-sighted, simplistic deficit reduction budget. It’s almost like they’re trying to sink our economy with their absurdities. And Obama isn’t free and clear on this–he’s put up no fight about it.

12.7% of people 15-24 are out of work and that number is expected to climb until at least 2016. That’s a lot of angry people with time on their hands. Is it any surprise that this same demographic has woken up to the class war from above?

Another example of good ol’ fashioned American racism. KKK is not only alive and well, they’ve invited NC residents to a “whites only” cross burning.

The push is on to revoke Fox’s license due to the Murdoch wiretapping scandal both here and in the UK.

10 dumbest members of Congress. One guess as to which party they belong to. Related article about the death of the American public intellectual. Idiocracy, anyone?

Second suspicious fire in a week breaks out at a GA abortion provider. But, I’m sure, like the other recent incidents, this will be deemed a lone nut and not domestic terrorism.

American Airlines kicks woman off flight for wearing pro-choice t-shirt.

How the DEA is putting more pressure on medical marijuana facilities to close, although public support is in their favor. Doesn’t matter what we think–what matters is whose pockets get lined.

NY legislators introduce bill disallowing anonymous posts or comments.

Cop caught speeding almost 150 mph while drunk gets job back.

St. Louis cops are freaking out that dash cams will be used against them. Then don’t brutalize or plant evidence?

BART shooter, ex-cop, wants conviction overturned. It’s a textbook case of involuntary manslaughter (at least), so I’m not sure how that’ll fly. But more messed up stuff has happened.

How mistreatment and abuse by the guards at the for-profit prison that resulted in riots hit a boiling point.

Nice. JPMorgan investigation headed by ex-JPM lobbyist. This while the government says they’re trying to control conflicting interest within the Fed.

Why are disabled kids getting handcuffed for behavioral issues in our schools? What is this teaching them?


Articles of Interest, May 16, 2012

First Occupier to get to trial found not guilty!!!!

How the FBI makes up/entraps terrorists, while letting the real ones free.

Like in some dystopian nightmare, the brilliant Chris Hedges discusses how corporations have colonized us.

Matt Taibbi explains why we should care that JPMorgan lost 2 billion–they’re still on welfare. That’s our money.  Meanwhile, shareholders are suing, which is fucking awesome–follows shareholders of BoA and Citi. This massive loss is finally making people ask if “too big to fail” is finally over. Meanwhile, King Bloomberg is saying there’s too much reform(!). Between that and the most modest of COL raises, he’s showing just how much of an asshole he is.

Awesome, accidental leak from Goldman shows just how openly fraudulent they were/are.

Particularly awful WellFargo foreclosure drives one man to kill himself.

High fructose corn syrup officially damages your ability to think.

Seems long apparent to me, but I guess it bears repeating. Union rights are civil rights.

By 2015, there will be a “black box” in every new car.

US politicians suddenly worried that their constituents could be dissatisfied with the austerity cuts, as in Europe.

Articles of interest May 7, 2012

Busy day for news!

Despite what the cops might tell you, like they are allowed to videotape you in public, you have the right to do the same to them. Does this mean, at least in theory, that what happened last week in GA be considered B&E?

In January, there was (not enough of) a stink about this video of the NYPD kicking the everloving shit out of a teenager who was clearly unarmed. They claimed that the kid had punched an officer and had pot on him. Now that the surveillance footage has been released and in the possession of NY1, turns out they were lying.

Kansas House of Reps pass bill that states it will  “allow a doctor to refuse to provide chemotherapy to a pregnant cancer patient because it might end her pregnancy.

PP is suing Texas for illegally excluding them from funding of women’s health services. Perry’s decided that if they win, he’s closing the whole women’s health program down. I mean, after all, they’ll likely not vote for him again, so they can die in the streets.

Stop believing the bullshit. Social Security is not going broke. The coffers are dwindling because they’re looting them, nothing else.

Lockheed Martin gets no bid contract to run US cybercrime lab (why is this being outsourced at all?), even though they were hacked just a few months ago.

To make sure those no bid military industrial contracts are kept up, plus all the trillions that just go missing, Republicans want to cut essential services like food stamps and Medicaid.

“So here we have one of America’s most conventional pundits [Fareed Zakaria] correctly warning of America’s soon-to-be-irreversible transformation into a limitless domestic Surveillance State, and none of that will even be acknowledged, let alone debated, in our election.”

It’s not enough that the 1% have ripped us off over and over again in every way they can, but the insane, inane, whining really has to stop.

US sells AIG stock *back* to AIG for much lower than it was bailed out for. If they’re still being supported by us, how in fuck can they afford to be buying anything back?

EU’s governing body is starting to look a lot like the IMF. Merkel will not allow a reworking of the austerity financial pact, even with the new elections in Greece and France (where the “centrists” are replaced by the far more out there, like Greece’s neo-Nazi party, who has 8% of the Parliament). Even though citizens are killing themselves over it and the riots are all over, they will not waiver. I find it ironic that it’s Germany leading the charge…do they not remember their own history?

Articles of Interest, May 5-6 2012

Excellent Glenn Greenwald article, about pressure by the FBI and Obama administration to not only have easy access to all internet communication (that’s been going on since ’01), but to force all of it to have a governmental back door. Sounds brilliant–what could *possibly* go wrong?

Greeks vote out those who enacted the country’s austerity programs in favor of radical left and right parties. Unfortunately, this includes neo-Nazis. These circumstances are sounding awfully familiar…

American Airlines is suing to keep a union shop from opening. Even through the company’s anti-union campaigns, when workers still want to form a shop, they’ll do anything they can to prevent it.

Georgia opens the first jail dedicated to veterans. Turns out that dropping vets back into the civilian world without any chance to decompress is resulting in a higher crime rate. With all the VA cutbacks, they aren’t getting the help they need. And, with Georgia being a for-profit prison system, it’s a lot easier to throw them away than rehabilitate.

NYPD new method of clearing female Occupiers: grabbing their breast and when they say something, break their wrist.

BP got a big win when a federal judge postponed the Gulf disaster trial until 2013. And, mirroring being told the air downtown was safe after 9/11, lawsuits over horrific injuries are starting by people exposed to the chemicals.

Articles of Interest, May 3, 2012

Cutting up in school is now considered criminal. There are too many instances to list about children being arrested, some as young as six (for having a temper tantrum).

Cops in Oakland may actually have to answer for their excessive force (which, if this was war like they want, would have violated many international laws) against Occupy.

Brilliant article by Chris Hedges about how America, like every other crumbling empire in history, is going insane.

Brooklyn College students (proud of my alma mater for once!) get roughed up for civil disobedience related to  tuition hikes. CUNY used to be free in my parents’ age and was a relatively small amount when I attended. What they’re asking for is not unreasonable, nor should students being in a building they belong at get beaten on for demanding what’s right. Most of the money, by the way, never benefits those who attend.

Apparently there’s the possibility that BP execs face a few notes of the music related to the spill. Aside from a couple of heads on a platter, I’m not holding my breath. Not only have Obama’s second (third?) largest contributors gotten less than a slap on the wrist thus far, they’ve gotten permission to dig deeper and more dangerously.

Articles of Interest, May 2, 2012

Golly gee, the FBI wouldn’t ever fabricate “terror” plots, would they? Except when they did back in 2010. Given that, are we supposed to believe them about this Cleveland stuff?

Student abandoned in drunk tank for five days without food and water. Kinda like the guy in New Mexico who was forgotten about for two years in solitary for suspicion of DUI.


Related to yesterday in NYC:

Plainclothes cops arresting a woman without identifying themselves to her or anyone else. She must have had that split second where she wasn’t sure who was putting their hands on her.

Cops and FBI raid protesters’ homes on little to no pretense and questioning their plans.

NYPD memo detailing yesterday’s plans. Notice the counter-terrorism stamp. Aside from the obvious rediculus reasons, maybe it’s to use the federal funds allocated for counter-terrorism and therefore get the same or more next year?

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