Ever evolving blog for Kimberly Warner-Cohen– writer/ novelist and one of the very few first day Occupiers. This blog is intended to have daily news links of whatever I think is notable, my perspective on various political events and anything else I find interesting.

Within this space discussion is encouraged and opposing points of view are welcomed.

I’m proud to have been raised in Brooklyn way back when the weak still got killed and eaten. I started writing at eight to compensate for getting bullied and the shit kicked out of me. My stories started out with princesses and unicorns but quickly turned into revenge fantasies. Shudder to think what would’ve happened to me if I went to high school post-Columbine.

Junkie at sixteen, rehab at eighteen and at nineteen I paid my way through uni as a pro-domme, which is where the concept of my first novel, Sex, Blood and Rock’n’Roll, germinated. Since then, I’ve lived all over the country and my stories have appeared in Portland Noir (Akashic) and Criminal Class Press’ anthology journal.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. poetryeditor says:

    Hey, what’s a “pro-domme”?

  2. Dordo Speaks! says:

    Thanks for following Dordo Speaks! How did you find me?

  3. Dordo Speaks! says:

    I that you in one of my Tax Day photos?

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