articles of interest october 3, 2012

Good news: “A federal appeals court has extended a stay on the injunction blocking the notorious indefinite detention provision in the 2012 defense bill that lets the US government jail any American without end over even suspected terrorist ties.

Big surprise: Geithner at fault for allowing further use of rigged LIBOR.

After Mortgage Settlement, Banks Continued Abusive Practice

Brokerage and exchange technology gurus generally endorsed the concept of deploying “kill switches” to stop computer errors before they can unleash havoc on the market” Uh-huh. It was computer glitches that tanked the market. And we trust these guys not to abuse this power?

Map of foreclosures in America.

Lawyer steals $10 million from clients, will likely only spend 6 months in jail.

NYPD to use Facebook to somehow keep on top of gangs. That seems like a good use of funds and not a slippery slope at all. What happened to actually, you know, policing?

“Lawsuits against the [NYPD] city’s police soared to a record 2,004 cases…In 2010, the NYPD became the city agency with the highest volume of tort claims with more than 8,100, surpassing the Department of Transportation and the Health and Hospitals Corporation, and accounting for $135.8 million of the city’s total expenditures for judgments and settlements.

” A multibillion-dollar information-sharing program created in the aftermath of 9/11 has improperly collected information about innocent Americans and produced little valuableintelligence on terrorism, a Senate report concludes.” And another article on their shoddy work.

Baltimore man’s death in custody ruled a homicide.

Cop in FL uses excessive force, falsifies report.

Also in FL, Sheriff wants to make doctors have their patients fill out a form giving up their privacy rights.

Among some other pretty horrific findings, a new report from the New York Civil Liberties Union reveals that inmates caught using drugs in New York’s prison system are punished with months, and sometimes years, in “extreme isolation” in “special housing units.”

It’s not just other people’s dogs they kill: “The Georgia Humane Society wants felony charges filed against a former police officer whose canine partner died after being left in a patrol vehicle for three days.”

California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation intended to protect the privacy of the state’s citizens, snuffing a bill that would have required law enforcement agents to get a search warrant before obtaining location-tracking information.”

Grass Theft On The Rise Amid Worst Drought In Decades

Unusual Dallas Earthquakes Linked to Fracking, Expert Says

Priest defrocked for child molestation now pat down TSA officer.

Alarming breast cancer rates among troops reported” This goes for men and women.

This is what happens when we don’t teach sex ed, have access to alternatives or the education to make an informed decision: 14 year old gives birth to baby and then kills it.


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