Articles of interest, october 2, 2012

Lots to make up for lack of yesterday…

NYPD’s numbers about to go back to the “bad old days”.

Top 1% Got 93% of Income Growth as Rich-Poor Gap Widened

The real welfare queens: More than 2,000 millionaires got unemployment benefits.

JPMorgan suit not as simple or serious as the headlines make it out.

Interview about inequality with the beyond brilliant Joseph Stiglitz.

Walmart workers protest for safe warehouse conditions, Walmart calls out fucking riot police.

Yet another mosque arson. How many are we up to in the past few months alone?

Brits are changing LIBOR oversight. If it’s so bad that a bedrock of finance has to be overhauled, why in Hell are we still relying on it?

U.S. bullies other countries on Palestine issue.

TSA agent admits rampant theft. Hell, they even traced an iPad to a TSA agent’s home. Meanwhile, SCOTUS refuses to hear a suit about the full body scans violating our 4th Amendment rights.

Social networks and extremism in the US Army.

Very good article on the economics of surveillance.

Interactive graph on where Americans spend their money.

Apple has quietly created the world’s largest hedge fund worth $117 billion

A study highlights how easy it is to set up untraceable companies

Q2 GDP worse than originally thought.

Annie Dookhan, chemist at Mass. crime lab, arrested for allegedly mishandling over 60,000 samples

Yet another cop shoots yet another dog in its own backyard.

Another woman testifies in HPD rape case.

Kalamazoo decriminalizes pot.

A college professor from St. Louis, Missouri claims that allegedly harmless chemical sprays that doused the city in the 1950s and ‘60s as a Cold War-era protection measure was something much more sinister.”


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