articles of interest september 28, 2012

Not too much today…

Good news: Lots of Occupy victories. A judge ruled Austin’s ban on Occupy Austin is unconstitutional and a judge in Chicago threw out the Occupy arrests there.

King Bloomberg tells the poor, again, that he doesn’t give a fuck about them.

Chris Hedges questions whether Americans are already being whisked away under the NDAA and we don’t know about it yet.

Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, really–we’re STILL fucking using LIBOR for the TARP system, even after everything that’s come out? This is even as there are calls for complete overhauls. Jesus H. Christ.

Just how much the US has increased surveillance on its own citizens.

U.S. Army Tested Chemicals on Cities, Low-Income Residents” If they did it then, why wouldn’t they now?

Now Italy kicks off their new round of austerity protests. Instead of facing an angry populace, France is temporarily raising the tax rates on the richest which will even things out much more than endless cuts will. And now Britain’s in the red, by a lot.

“Fed Helps Lenders’ Profit More Than Homebuyers: Mortgages

Only news because it’s in the news: “Lavish CEO pay doesn’t work as intended: study

Another laid off worker, another multiple victim shooting.

More about Ben Cohen’s fantastic Stamp Stampede campaign.

WSJ writers aren’t disclosing that they’re actually Romney advisers. Though, what do we really expect from a Murdoch owned paper?

See ya Monday!


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