articles of interest september 27, 2012

Plenty to make up for none yesterday.

First, good news: UC Davis pepper spray victims receiving $1 million in damages, plus an apology note.

Bronx district attorney’s office is no longer prosecuting people who were stopped at public housing projects and arrested for trespassing, unless the arresting officer is interviewed to ensure that the arrest was warranted.”

Pro-choice group buys the assassinated Dr. Tiller’s practice, reestablishing a much needed women’s health clinic in the area.

Also of note: Chris Hedges does an AMA. It’s fucking fantastic.

On Assange: He is now an enemy of the state, in the same category as the most ruthless terrorist.  Ecuador, however, is ready to shelter him as long as is needed. In Assange’s video to the UN yesterday, he discussed both about how Obama is using the “Arab Spring” for his own political gain and nothing more and how assistance is needed to persuade the US to stop persecuting Wikileaks.


Federal Reserve propping up economy by buying up the bad mortgage loans and printing more. I’m no economics major, but this seems supremely stupid and is only serving to benefit Big Banks.

Dems getting in on the SuperPAC action, even as Pelosi claims that the Dems will overturn Citizens United if they retake the House.  I’m not holding my breath.

Climate change is already damaging global economy

What Is the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Revolution?” It wasn’t even this bad just before the 1905 Russian Revolution.

Bottom Fifth Of Americans Spent Double Their Incomes In 2011” And I don’t think it has to do with them spending above and beyond basic necessities.

Cute loophole on Obama’s revolving door on lobbyists upheld: They only can’t serve on boards while they’re lobbying. There’s nothing stopping a gov’t employee becoming a lobbyist the day after he leaves his public post…and, of course, using his influences.

Not good news when even CNN is calling for a break up of the euro.

Thousands in Spain protest for the second day to stop the draconian austerity cuts.


Nine of the scariest things about the NYPD.

Texas cops destroy video evidence of colleague killing unarmed man

Cops don’t identify themselves, shoot someone they “mistook” for a suspect, don’t even get a slap on the wrist.

Trial continues for Houston cop accused of raping waitress while on  duty.

All else:

Judges targeted by right-wing groups” When do we get to call them what they are–terrorists?

Fracking industry helped along for decades by federal dollars. Free market, my ass–we’re paying them to poison us.

Army General Charged with Forcible Sodomy During Tour in Afghanistan“..among other things. Don’t hold yer breath that he’ll actually be court martialled.

Canadian study came out outlining how dangerous ADHD drugs are to kids.

The Foxcomm riot is likely not a once and done.

The sequence of huge earthquakes that struck off the coast of Sumatra in April may signal the creation of a new tectonic plate boundary.”

Excellent Vanity Fair article about airport security and if it really makes us safer.


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