Articles of interest september 25, 2012

In “Bwahahahah”: “Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

Anonymous releases 60 hours of NYPD footage of the OWS eviction. Very violent stuff.

Corporations are paying an effective rate of 12.1%, the lowest in at least 40 years.” If corporations are people, they woulda been audited long ago.

Citizens United ruling accounts for 78 percent of 2012 election spending

Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s) explains the Stamp Stampede campaign and why getting money out of politics is so important.

IMF predicts slowdown, mostly due to weak US economic growth.

Portugal getting fed up with austerity cuts.

Incompetent SEC Struggles To Rein In High-Speed Trading Fraud

Direct result of “Obamacare”? Insurance prices going through the roof.

Greece’s neo-Nazi party, growing because of their economic collapse, opening office in New York.

Walmart Is Going To Sell The Genetically Modified Corn That Its Competitors Rejected” Unlabeled, of course.

Marines face court-martial for urinating on dead Afghans” I’m not holding my breath that anything happens with it.

New ruling on Katrina exonerates US Army Corp of Engineers on their bang up job.

83 year old woman calls cops because she thinks she hears an intruder, gets shot by cop.

Cop fired for excessive force during arrest not only gets his job back, but three years of back pay.

Another day, another police homicide.


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