Articles of interest september 21, 2012

Lots and lots today, so forgive that it’s mostly headlines…

We now place 18th in economic freedom, behind Qatar, Estonia and Taiwan.

The Fed’s New Foray Into Crony Capitalism

Another brilliant Taibbi blog: “Wall Street Rolling Back Another Key Piece of Financial Reform

Greece is about to hit a Great Depression through forced austerity. This may be a sign for what will come throughout the EU.

Tax Cuts Don’t Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In

“Poverty Would Have Fallen Last Year if Jobless Benefits Hadn’t Shrunk

Why, With Unemployment So High, Do So Many Jobs Go Begging?

Supposedly there’s a task force being set up over the mortgage fraud. How much you wanna bet that there are only penalties and not one banker goes to jail? As Greenwald points out, there’s only the rule of law for us and not for them.

Poor Smokers in New York State Spend 25% of Income on Cigarettes, Study Finds

Life Expectancy Shrinks for Less-Educated Whites in U.S.

Obama’s lauded healthcare plan (which ultimately favors the insurance companies most of all)? 6 million to be penalized for not having insurance.

Three Mile Island nuclear reactor shuts down unexpectedly

Ending Its Summer Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Low That Leads to Warnings

Justice Breyer Likens Koran Burning To Shouting “Fire” In A Crowded Theater

Terrorism analyst: U.S. ignores threat of violent right-wing extremists

Anti-Islamic advertisements to hit NYC” That’s all we fucking need.

Private prisons figuring out yet another way to fuck over inmates: Charging $3 per minute for phone calls. So the poorest of the poor can be locked away and forgotten about, especially if they’re serving time far from home.

In law enforcement news:

The Police Department is having difficulty filling three full-time positions because candidates cannot seem to pass a psychological exam..” Snort.

NYPD deployed mysterious surveillance truck at OWS anniversary

NYPD response to crime calls slows to 9 minutes

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office Allegedly Altered Evidence That Dying Diabetic Prisoner Was Denied Insulin: ‘This Is Jail. Get Over It.'”

Details are still emerging about what officials call a ‘rogue chemist’ who may have mishandled evidence in as many as 40,000 cases over 10 years.”

Sarasota officer fired for excessive force gets job back

Paterson cop charged with planting drugs on man, falsely arresting him

A local man claims he wound up facing criminal charges simply because he complained about Seattle police.”


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