Articles of interest, september 19, 2012

Sorry bout the break…

Worst news first– Judge overturns the (supposedly) permanent blocking of O’s ability to indefinitely detain citizens. We can now be detained, imprisoned and tortured without any proof.

Federal Reserve has its own police force.

Federal court allows top donors to tax-exempt groups to remain secret” This includes Big Business/Banks to continue using SuperPACs.

Too big to fail and jail is too big to regulate.

Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars Expected To Be Withdrawn From Swiss Banks Amid Tax Evasion Crackdown” 

First responders and living victims of 9/11 to get fucked over by government. Again.

If you’re traveling on public roadways in 2012, there’s a very good chance you’re being watched, by one government agency or another.”

Price of meat to go up over mass slaughtering as farmers are not able to feed or water their livestock. Part of the culprit is fracking, the other is that this has been the worst drought since the ’50s.

GOP Mogul Behind Drug Rehab ‘Torture’ Centers Is Bankrolling Opposition to Pot Legalization in Colorado

Fullerton cops cleared in Kelly murder case

Bored with shooting dogs on leashes, cops have moved on to cats.

Two year old surveillance footage shows cops shooting man over jaywalking.

Overturned WI union law automatically appealed by state.


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