Articles of interest, September 13, 2012

First, as always, the good news. A NY federal judge has “permanently blocked a section of the National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Barack Obama at the end of last year authorizing the detention of US citizens accused of supporting terror groups“.

Shit is blowing the fuck up in the Mid East over that stupid fucking film and our government is wise to worry that it might spread. Egypt, then Libya the night before last (possibly tied to 9/11 anniversary). Today the embassy was stormed in Yemen and there are riots in Egypt.

White House leaks draft of a worse than CISPA-like order. Meanwhile, Congress approves five more years of legalized domestic spying under FISA.

What’s being built under the White House?

FL basically give up on voter purge.

Over 46 million Americans live in poverty.

This will end well: “Ray Kelly Instructs Cops To Use Facebook Aliases, Traceless Laptops To Track Crime” Nooo, no room for abuse here.

NYPD Arrest Man for Video Recording Them, Then Attempt to Delete Footage

Cops in TX drag 77 year old woman out of her car when she refuses to produce ID. Also in TX, cops shoot an unarmed man 41 times, then confiscate a witness’ camera and delete photos.

In MI, cops are cleared of killing a homeless man who may or may not have had a knife.

Trial goes on for cops accused of tasering woman “no less than” 10 times.


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