Articles of interest, september 12, 2012

I can’t believe I’m calling this good news: Women in ID cannot be prosecuted for taking the morning after pill.

US ambassador to Libya, three other Americans killed. This is on the tail of the embassy stuff in Egypt.

Unions Are Striking Back, at Last

[Chicago] diverted $70 million to city police to avoid paying teachers’ contractual 4% raise last year, then lied to public

Study: Banks to blame for over 800,000 unnecessary foreclosures” And no one will be going to jail.

Katrina homeowners finally able to sue the Army Corps of Engineers for negligence.

Severe austerity alone not working, Greece is down to selling off its islands as there are more protests against further cuts.

German court upholds the proposed 500billion euro bailout, despite public outcry.

After spending nearly a third of his life locked up in Gitmo, a prisoner who was supposed to be released three fucking years ago has died.

Poll: Distrust of Americans spreads beyond Middle East“, including our traditional allies.

An oldie but still so important: “A private prison management company is offering to buy prisons in exchange for various considerations, including a controversial guarantee that the governments maintain a 90% occupancy rate for at least 20 years

UN: New generation of secret British courts could conceal torture collusion


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