Articles of interest, September 11, 2012

Lots and lots today…

First, 9/11–I’ll start moving on when the first responders and other living victims get what they were promised two fucking years ago.  However, that pool has finally been made larger, with the government finally recognizing the 50(!) plus cancers associated with being near Ground Zero was due to the event.  What’s really fucked up is that no elected official spoke this year. Apparently a decade is long enough for people to give pause (although the wars sure haven’t stopped) and now they can go back to watching Kardashian interviews without pesky moments of silence. Finally, a great op-ed piece about how the neocons twisted 9/11 facts to fit their reality.

Also, remember 9/10, when Rummy admitted that $2.3 trillion went *poof*?

Senators pushing to make it harder for financial regulators to do their job.

Twitter being forced to hand over tweets of an OWS’er. I’ve written about this before, by why the fuck do they want tweets dating before the inception of Occupy, when all he’s being accused of is a violation (Brooklyn Bridge)? Big surprise that the ruling comes from the same judge presiding over almost all the Occupy cases and has come down harder on the protesters than even the DA wants.

We Are Now One Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

Why did an FBI agent have a “trove” of Apple IDs and how was this data so easily hacked?

No agreement in sight for Chicago’s 26,000 teachers on strike. Rahm’s shown his true colors on this one, hasn’t he? It’s pretty bad when Romney and Ryan are siding with you. Good news for the strikers is that a judge has found that cops can’t break up a protest if someone nearby does something illegal or “is annoying”.

Moody’s promises to cut off credit rating all together if the U.S. doesn’t shape up and come to a deal. We can try to say they don’t count as much as we want to make ourselves feel better, but they do.

In drone news, while the U.S. wants to use “suicide drones” (suuuure, they’re safer) fighting overseas, back home there are more and more in the sky.

Cops shoot and kill another family dog, this one for refusing to be caught.

Another greatest “hit” by the NYPD: “What [the video] shows is shocking,” Mr. Maazel said. “It revealed that the police did not tell the truth and they wanted to put an innocent man in jail, potentially for many years.

NYC not prepared for global warming.

America refuses to extradite Bolivia’s ex-president on genocide charges. But we bully the rest of the world on Assange.

4 Government and Private Entities Conspiring to Track Everything You Do Online and Off


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