Articles of Interest, September 6, 2012

Lots and lots to make up for the quiet past couple of days….

Good news: “Police seizure of text messages violated 4th Amendment, judge rules“.

Startling stop and frisk numbers. Also, new Stratfor emails reveal just how “felonious” the NYPD is.


How the cops get away without a warrant–something called an “administrative subpoena“, which doesn’t even require a judge’s signature. End run around the 4th, much?

In Houston, cop rapes woman in full uniform, taking advantage of her undocumented status.

CIA  waterboarding much more than previously acknowledged, in support of Gadhafi.

TV stations to start using military drones


Earth’s richest 1,000 individuals now control as much wealth as the poorest 2.5 billion people on the planet… In the US, the wealthy dominate our government: 47 percent of US representatives are millionaires, as are 67 percent of US senators.”

Some of the more fucked up shit Republicans have said about women.

Justice Department Labels BP’s Behavior ‘Gross Negligence And Willful Misconduct’ In Lead Up To Gulf Oil Spill” That’s a laugh, considering how the EPA let the cover-up go on. I’m not holding my breath that something will be done about it.

All those jobs being added we keep hearing about? They’re mostly McJobs that people cannot sustain themselves on.

U.S. online job ads see biggest two-month decline since recession

Judge upholds Arizona’s “Papers Please” law.

US infrastructure risk crumbling from neglect. There’s still no explanation on why there hasn’t been a new New Deal to get us out of this mess.

NH another on the list of upheld voter ID laws.

Not only do they have to worry about contamination through fracking, farmers are now vying for water from these companies.

US kills 29 in 8 days in Yemen

20,000 heat records broken in the US alone in the past year.

Honduras to create private, corporately owned cities, with its own legal and tax systems. Since Latin America has long been a testing ground, how long before it happens here?

WEF’s estimation of the US global competitiveness list drops two places, to number five.

They’re finally acknowledging that the entire Eurozone is rapidly heading to recession (even Germany).

17 million Americans (or 5.5% of the population) has major food insecurity–as in, going hungry and skipping meals. 

Shifting the blame: BP accuses Halliburton of hiding evidence. Meanwhile, LA looks for the definitive “smoking gun” on the whole thing–so maybe real clean up and restitution can begin.


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