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articles of interest september 28, 2012

Not too much today…

Good news: Lots of Occupy victories. A judge ruled Austin’s ban on Occupy Austin is unconstitutional and a judge in Chicago threw out the Occupy arrests there.

King Bloomberg tells the poor, again, that he doesn’t give a fuck about them.

Chris Hedges questions whether Americans are already being whisked away under the NDAA and we don’t know about it yet.

Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, really–we’re STILL fucking using LIBOR for the TARP system, even after everything that’s come out? This is even as there are calls for complete overhauls. Jesus H. Christ.

Just how much the US has increased surveillance on its own citizens.

U.S. Army Tested Chemicals on Cities, Low-Income Residents” If they did it then, why wouldn’t they now?

Now Italy kicks off their new round of austerity protests. Instead of facing an angry populace, France is temporarily raising the tax rates on the richest which will even things out much more than endless cuts will. And now Britain’s in the red, by a lot.

“Fed Helps Lenders’ Profit More Than Homebuyers: Mortgages

Only news because it’s in the news: “Lavish CEO pay doesn’t work as intended: study

Another laid off worker, another multiple victim shooting.

More about Ben Cohen’s fantastic Stamp Stampede campaign.

WSJ writers aren’t disclosing that they’re actually Romney advisers. Though, what do we really expect from a Murdoch owned paper?

See ya Monday!


articles of interest september 27, 2012

Plenty to make up for none yesterday.

First, good news: UC Davis pepper spray victims receiving $1 million in damages, plus an apology note.

Bronx district attorney’s office is no longer prosecuting people who were stopped at public housing projects and arrested for trespassing, unless the arresting officer is interviewed to ensure that the arrest was warranted.”

Pro-choice group buys the assassinated Dr. Tiller’s practice, reestablishing a much needed women’s health clinic in the area.

Also of note: Chris Hedges does an AMA. It’s fucking fantastic.

On Assange: He is now an enemy of the state, in the same category as the most ruthless terrorist.  Ecuador, however, is ready to shelter him as long as is needed. In Assange’s video to the UN yesterday, he discussed both about how Obama is using the “Arab Spring” for his own political gain and nothing more and how assistance is needed to persuade the US to stop persecuting Wikileaks.


Federal Reserve propping up economy by buying up the bad mortgage loans and printing more. I’m no economics major, but this seems supremely stupid and is only serving to benefit Big Banks.

Dems getting in on the SuperPAC action, even as Pelosi claims that the Dems will overturn Citizens United if they retake the House.  I’m not holding my breath.

Climate change is already damaging global economy

What Is the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Revolution?” It wasn’t even this bad just before the 1905 Russian Revolution.

Bottom Fifth Of Americans Spent Double Their Incomes In 2011” And I don’t think it has to do with them spending above and beyond basic necessities.

Cute loophole on Obama’s revolving door on lobbyists upheld: They only can’t serve on boards while they’re lobbying. There’s nothing stopping a gov’t employee becoming a lobbyist the day after he leaves his public post…and, of course, using his influences.

Not good news when even CNN is calling for a break up of the euro.

Thousands in Spain protest for the second day to stop the draconian austerity cuts.


Nine of the scariest things about the NYPD.

Texas cops destroy video evidence of colleague killing unarmed man

Cops don’t identify themselves, shoot someone they “mistook” for a suspect, don’t even get a slap on the wrist.

Trial continues for Houston cop accused of raping waitress while on  duty.

All else:

Judges targeted by right-wing groups” When do we get to call them what they are–terrorists?

Fracking industry helped along for decades by federal dollars. Free market, my ass–we’re paying them to poison us.

Army General Charged with Forcible Sodomy During Tour in Afghanistan“..among other things. Don’t hold yer breath that he’ll actually be court martialled.

Canadian study came out outlining how dangerous ADHD drugs are to kids.

The Foxcomm riot is likely not a once and done.

The sequence of huge earthquakes that struck off the coast of Sumatra in April may signal the creation of a new tectonic plate boundary.”

Excellent Vanity Fair article about airport security and if it really makes us safer.

Articles of interest september 25, 2012

In “Bwahahahah”: “Union-Busting GOP Governor Scott Walker Demands Return Of Unionized NFL Referees

Anonymous releases 60 hours of NYPD footage of the OWS eviction. Very violent stuff.

Corporations are paying an effective rate of 12.1%, the lowest in at least 40 years.” If corporations are people, they woulda been audited long ago.

Citizens United ruling accounts for 78 percent of 2012 election spending

Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s) explains the Stamp Stampede campaign and why getting money out of politics is so important.

IMF predicts slowdown, mostly due to weak US economic growth.

Portugal getting fed up with austerity cuts.

Incompetent SEC Struggles To Rein In High-Speed Trading Fraud

Direct result of “Obamacare”? Insurance prices going through the roof.

Greece’s neo-Nazi party, growing because of their economic collapse, opening office in New York.

Walmart Is Going To Sell The Genetically Modified Corn That Its Competitors Rejected” Unlabeled, of course.

Marines face court-martial for urinating on dead Afghans” I’m not holding my breath that anything happens with it.

New ruling on Katrina exonerates US Army Corp of Engineers on their bang up job.

83 year old woman calls cops because she thinks she hears an intruder, gets shot by cop.

Cop fired for excessive force during arrest not only gets his job back, but three years of back pay.

Another day, another police homicide.

Articles of interest september 24, 2012

One to watch: “Some of the world’s top financial regulators will answer questions in the European Parliament on Monday about market manipulation such as the rigging of benchmark interest rate Libor.

Lehman ordered to pay restitution…in Australia.

The Federal Reserve’s policy of paying banks interest on money parked at the U.S. central bank is at odds with its latest efforts to stimulate economic growth

Microsoft and HP just two more companies found to have avoided taxes with offshore accounts. Microsoft would also rather pay the fines on egregious wasting of energy rather than make any changes.

EU is borrowing to fund debt to bigger countries. Desperate?

Pension funds at center of most labor disputes. Cuz, you know, once we’ve used ’em up, we spit ’em out.

Disappointing: Unions in Ohio deny partner benefits.

FedEx, long an indicator of the economic outlook, has bleak news.

Unemployment for adults between 20 and 24 is 14%, compared to the national average of 8.1%. But even those with jobs are facing something without modern precedent: Steadily falling annual earnings

More Americans now commit suicide than are killed in car crashes as miserable economy takes its toll

More than 1,000 preachers to defy IRS law and endorse candidate(s).

Federal authorities have opened a criminal investigation of Chevron after discovering that the company detoured pollutants around monitoring equipment at its Richmond refinery for four years and burned them off into the atmosphere, in possible violation of a federal court order

Riot at Foxconn after guards beat up employee.

Houston cop shoots, kills wheelchair-bound double amputee” with a pen. For feeling threatened.

3,000 year old Buddha statues could be destroyed to make way for a mine.

An Illinois appellate court Friday affirmed a lower court finding that the state cannot force pharmacies and pharmacists to sell emergency contraceptives – also known as “morning after” pills – if they have religious objections.” If you don’t fucking want to give out medicine, don’t be a fucking pharmacist. This is a very, very slippery slope.

“‘Long overdue’: 55 names of unfairly imprisoned US Guantanamo inmates released

By 2030 more than half the people in the vast majority of states will be obese.”

The U.S. Suffered Its Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam Last Week and No One Really Noticed


Articles of interest september 21, 2012

Lots and lots today, so forgive that it’s mostly headlines…

We now place 18th in economic freedom, behind Qatar, Estonia and Taiwan.

The Fed’s New Foray Into Crony Capitalism

Another brilliant Taibbi blog: “Wall Street Rolling Back Another Key Piece of Financial Reform

Greece is about to hit a Great Depression through forced austerity. This may be a sign for what will come throughout the EU.

Tax Cuts Don’t Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds

The Magnitude of the Mess We’re In

“Poverty Would Have Fallen Last Year if Jobless Benefits Hadn’t Shrunk

Why, With Unemployment So High, Do So Many Jobs Go Begging?

Supposedly there’s a task force being set up over the mortgage fraud. How much you wanna bet that there are only penalties and not one banker goes to jail? As Greenwald points out, there’s only the rule of law for us and not for them.

Poor Smokers in New York State Spend 25% of Income on Cigarettes, Study Finds

Life Expectancy Shrinks for Less-Educated Whites in U.S.

Obama’s lauded healthcare plan (which ultimately favors the insurance companies most of all)? 6 million to be penalized for not having insurance.

Three Mile Island nuclear reactor shuts down unexpectedly

Ending Its Summer Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Low That Leads to Warnings

Justice Breyer Likens Koran Burning To Shouting “Fire” In A Crowded Theater

Terrorism analyst: U.S. ignores threat of violent right-wing extremists

Anti-Islamic advertisements to hit NYC” That’s all we fucking need.

Private prisons figuring out yet another way to fuck over inmates: Charging $3 per minute for phone calls. So the poorest of the poor can be locked away and forgotten about, especially if they’re serving time far from home.

In law enforcement news:

The Police Department is having difficulty filling three full-time positions because candidates cannot seem to pass a psychological exam..” Snort.

NYPD deployed mysterious surveillance truck at OWS anniversary

NYPD response to crime calls slows to 9 minutes

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Office Allegedly Altered Evidence That Dying Diabetic Prisoner Was Denied Insulin: ‘This Is Jail. Get Over It.'”

Details are still emerging about what officials call a ‘rogue chemist’ who may have mishandled evidence in as many as 40,000 cases over 10 years.”

Sarasota officer fired for excessive force gets job back

Paterson cop charged with planting drugs on man, falsely arresting him

A local man claims he wound up facing criminal charges simply because he complained about Seattle police.”

Articles of interest, September 20, 2012

Funny of the day: Koch Bros. hold anti OWS protest. From the pics, it looks like about five people showed. Bwahah.

Interest Rate Manipulation Extends Far Beyond Libor, Secret Survey Reveals” This is double plus ungood, especially if it’s allowed to continue.

Congress takes money from 9/11 fund to help pay for deficit. Just like they’re blocking the veterans’ jobs bill.

According to scientists, we are officially in a state of “planetary emergency” due to the melting Arctic ice.

Turns out that what’s mostly killing bees is a pesticide made by Bayer.

Eric Holder gets away with no blame on Fast and Furious. Just like with Iran-Contra!

ACLU sues CIA over drone info. CIA says the entire program is classified, making it one of the worst kept secrets in history.

I think we’ve gone down this road before and it doesn’t end well: Greeks dealing with neo-Nazi rise.

There’s even more of a widening income gap in NYC, which is already the worst in the country and most of the world. “Recovery” is apparently only for Bloomberg and his buddies.

Rural Minorities Ponder The American Dream From The Bottom Rung Of The Economic Ladder

French scientists said on Wednesday that rats fed on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller suffered tumors and multiple organ damage.”

Excellent article on the new prison slave labor.

Cop news of the day:

UC Davis pepper spray cop will not face charges.

Police start enforcing “Papers Please” law in AZ.

NYPD to waste another $3 million in recording statements made after arrests. I wonder if they’ll tape the pre-confession intimidation/roughing up as well.

NC cops targeting Latinos.

Articles of interest, September 14, 2012

Good news is that OWS’ birthday weekend starts tomorrow. Included: Town Square, celebratory marches, concert with Biafra and Morello and Occupy Rosh Hashanah–first time I can say that I’m looking forward to a High Holiday service. Here’s hoping the cops see what we’re there for and don’t get out of control! Related good news: UC Davis paying out to pepper spray kids. Unfortunately related, “FOIA Documents Show FBI Was Watching Occupy Protesters, Some Docs Still Secret on National Security Grounds

Shit is getting even worse in the Mid East, by the minute. On top of the ones listed yesterday, it’s spread to Malaysia, Bangladesh, Yemen,  Sudan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon. Embassies are getting stormed and torched. This is no joke. Best for updates is here.


Feds announce more “stimulus”, which I’m pretty sure means that they’re going to just print more money and hope for the best.

Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long“.

Anonymous gets back at FBI for arresting member.

Cops set up cameras…to watch cameras.

Sorry today’s post is so short, I’m obsessively watching what’s going on in the Mid East.

Articles of interest, September 13, 2012

First, as always, the good news. A NY federal judge has “permanently blocked a section of the National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Barack Obama at the end of last year authorizing the detention of US citizens accused of supporting terror groups“.

Shit is blowing the fuck up in the Mid East over that stupid fucking film and our government is wise to worry that it might spread. Egypt, then Libya the night before last (possibly tied to 9/11 anniversary). Today the embassy was stormed in Yemen and there are riots in Egypt.

White House leaks draft of a worse than CISPA-like order. Meanwhile, Congress approves five more years of legalized domestic spying under FISA.

What’s being built under the White House?

FL basically give up on voter purge.

Over 46 million Americans live in poverty.

This will end well: “Ray Kelly Instructs Cops To Use Facebook Aliases, Traceless Laptops To Track Crime” Nooo, no room for abuse here.

NYPD Arrest Man for Video Recording Them, Then Attempt to Delete Footage

Cops in TX drag 77 year old woman out of her car when she refuses to produce ID. Also in TX, cops shoot an unarmed man 41 times, then confiscate a witness’ camera and delete photos.

In MI, cops are cleared of killing a homeless man who may or may not have had a knife.

Trial goes on for cops accused of tasering woman “no less than” 10 times.