articles of interest august 31, 2012

Good news: FL judge lifts voter restriction ban.

Disgruntled Marine shoots two co-workers and himself.

Very interesting Assange interview.

On the revolving door between Wall St. and Washington

Homeland Security to test the pervasiveness of bacteria in Boston subways.

Soldiers who conspired to take down the government will be tried on murder, not domestic terrorism charges.

Citigroup again gets away with a relative slap on the wrist.

CIA gets away with torture and murder.

Cops in SoCal bodyslam a nurse during a traffic stop. Meanwhile, in St. Paul, cops kick a man in the neck.

The infamous Arpaio is getting sued for sending cops to break down the doors (without a warrant) of two reporters who challenged him.

Apple curiously takes down drone awareness app.

Fucking awesome: Baltimore has the guts to sue the banks that screwed them over.

Big surprise: Banks that pledged to implement debt relief programs, and received billions to do so, aren’t.

Study: Shrinking wages tied to decline in union membership


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