Articles of Interest, august 23, 2012

The past decade has been the worst for the American middle class in over 60 years.

Cops in OR tazer man in hospital. He spends 9 days in ICU before dying.

Trapwire has been connected to the private domestic spying company used against OWS.

In yet another NYPD cover up, which the DA is complicit in, charges won’t be filed against a cop who struck a supreme court justice in the neck. Meanwhile, the NYPD justifies spying on Muslims over overheard conversations about bias.

One in three Americans live at or just above the poverty line. That’s 100 million people.

Decaying infrastructure is costing us billions a year. Why in hell isn’t there a new New Deal, which would take care of the economy right away?

Ecuadorian president stands up to U.S. in very powerful interview.

On the US still being a bully, even though Bush is gone.


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