articles of interest august 16,2012

Why in hell is the Social Security Administration ordering 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets?

It’s already here: “An email hacked from Stratfor that discusses the use of the TrapWire surveillance system has been decrypted, revealing insider claims that the widespread spy program was adopted by the White House, Scotland Yard, Canadian authorities and others.”

Assange granted asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. UK vows to extradite him to Sweden, where he can easily be then extradited to the US. Seems like an awful lot of work over someone who’s accused of attempted rape–by two women who happen to be tied to an anti-Wikileaks group.

In the crazy bitch category, Gov. Jan  Brewer is denying benefits to the children of undocumented workers over federal law. She’s also denying driver’s licenses to these individuals as well as any other benefit due to those given the reprieve.

South African police kill 18 striking mine workers

Good news: US birthrates are finally declining.

Not surprising: Deep racial divide on stop and frisk policies in NYC. As long as the white people and tourists have the illusion of safety, I guess blatant racism is all right. And who cares if those people (90% innocent) get roughed up in the process? As long as it doesn’t happen to them.

Monsanto donates $4.2 million to defeat California GMO labeling initiative


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