Articles of interest august 14, 2012

Very, very slow news day ’round here…

The riot last May that took place in a detention center for undocumenteds was due to maltreatment on multiple levels. This is what happens when we privatize prisons. If they can’t maintain the lowest security “risks”, who in their right minds are going to let them take care of prisoners?

This is just fucking awful. Homeless guy has seizure, cops decide to fuck with him. His dog tries to protect him, so they mace the dog, then shoot it. Not to death, leaving it in agony. Both times, NYPD has shot indiscriminately into a crowd, in busy areas, with no regard for bystanders.

Arch-hypocrites–those that rely on social services speak out against it the most.

But voter IDs are what we have to worry about? Four GOP House staffers indicted for fraud in MI.

DHS has just purchased millions of rounds of high powered ammo. Why?


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