Articles of interest August 10, 2012

Slowish past couple of news days for me…

The biggest news, reminding us once again who really runs the world, Goldman will not be prosecuted for fraud.

NYPD and Microsoft have teemed up to create an utilize a Minority Report kind of program throughout NYC. For profit, of course. Does anyone not think NYC is now a police state?

US aiming Iranian sanctions at civilians, not the leaders.

Millions of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs they don’t need

100 million Americans are on welfare. What do we expect when we keep cutting unemployment, social services, food stamps?

Sad statistic: only 14% of American children will be better of than their parents.

How Big Food is going to make the effects of this drought so much worse.

Never thought about this, but I’m sure SCOTUS did–with the new healthcare mandate, the door is opened to cut Medicare, SS, etc

In the wake of the Sikh shooting, who is the real threat–from within or without? The white supremacist movement has changed and is more dangerous than ever.


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