Articles of interest august 8, 2012

Despite his vague assurances that the NDAA wouldn’t be used against Americans, Obama is actively seeking to keep it instated. Another take on Obama wanting to lock us up without trial.

Court OK’s warrentless wiretapping on domestic civilians. What the fuck?

FBI has been concerned about (domestic) right wing terror for years, including suicide bombers. Why do we have a different reaction when the terrorist is white? Not only with the Sikh shooting, but the abortion clinic bombers, etc.?

SF mayor wisely drops the egregious stop and frisk program that’s done *so* well in NYC.

White, married, congressionally backed prisoners more likely to receive presidential pardons” Justice is blind?

Texas executes man with 61 IQ, in direct violation of the related 2002 SCOTUS decision. How fucking sick are they?

Top U.S. commanders in Afghanistan waged a sophisticated public relations campaign to obscure horrific conditions at the Afghan National Military Hospital, according to former U.S. military officials

One Louisiana school is dealing with the state’s high rates of teen pregnancy by taking an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. No pregnant students are welcome at Delhi Charter School in Delhi, Louisiana — a policy that the institution enforces by requiring students who are “suspected” of being pregnant to submit to a mandatory pregnancy test.” This is an area of abstinence only education. So, once again, ruining the life of a teen and godforfuckingbid she gets an abortion. What the fuck do you expect, when this is what kids are taught?

Blackwater aka XE aka Academii settles over arms dealing case. Arms dealing. OUR arms. But they can just buy their way out. What if they were brown skinned?

Ex head watchdog for TARP says “America is fucked“. 


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