Articles of interest august 6, 2012

Mosque in Joplin MS burned for second time this summer. There are plenty of others. Between this and the Sikh shooting, I feel like Weimar Germany. And, the racist piece of shit who shot the Sikhs had a 9/11 tattoo. Sick, just sick.

Banks cannibalize over LIBOR…this is going to be fun to watch.

Excellent editorial on why we need mandatory paid sick leave. We are the only industrialized country who does not do so, and it’s shown to greatly reduce hospital visits. 

Fed undergoes first audit. I’m not holding my breath.

Tax court goes after medical marijuana dispensaries. Apparently, even though it’s legal, they’re calling it a controlled substance. It’s all right for Big Pharma, though. 

Wall Streeters force bankrupt city to pay them before the pensions of city workers. The bankruptcy, which was brought on by LIBOR.

Walmart starts selling GM corn, won’t put a label on it.

Insurers won’t pay out in the Martin death.


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