Articles of interest august 3, 2012

City declines to defend Anthony Bologna, the pepper spray cop who assaulted three young women at Occupy. Hahahahah. Hah. Fuckface.

On the NDAA (aka the anti-Occupy laws) that no one paid much attention to. What’s going on in Anaheim is the direct result.

Half of all US counties are now disaster areas.

Handcuffed young man cuffed for possible marijuana winds up shot in the head in the back of the police car. Cops say he somehow shot himself. The outcry is gearing up, as in Anaheim and now Dallas.

FBI report states that the illegal spying of Muslims by the NYPD is harmful at best to real law enforcement, not these cowboy cops.

Domestic drones,  targeting non-terrorism (etc et al) cases is green lighted in ND.

Detroit is now a dumping ground for trash and murder victims.

The big business of private prisons and the undocumented. A bill in MI would have private prisons take over for 20 years.

TSA continues to ignore demands for hearings on their intrusive searches and body scanners. Apparently they believe they’re above the law.

MI GOP candidate stole 95% of a save the children-type’s funds

San Bernadino is now the third CA city to go bankrupt.

Voter Fraud ‘Study’ Authored By Republican Who Pleaded Guilty In Abramoff Scandal

Forget the official numbers--the real unemployment rate in the US is 15%, which matches our highest poverty rate in 50 years.


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