Articles of interest, july 31, 2012

Lots of articles to make up for not being able to post the last few days.

US Army orders riot gear for against US citizens. How long before they’re used in Anaheim (on its 10th day of protests)? I thought Posse Comitatus was federal law?

They are using horses against, by all accounts, peaceful protesters in Anaheim.

Paramilitary police (or “private contractors”–no way to tell) are being used against Anaheim.

Why are cops targeting suspected anarchists? What is this, the 1920s again?

Minority Report come to life: Cops are going to start doing “predictive policing”. What about our 4th Amendment? What about probable cause?

NYPD ratchets up its illegal spying.

Fuckhead Bloomberg sues to keep wages for NY’ers as low as possible–over the city council vote that’s in his pocket that overrode his veto. Paying workers $10/hour would only apply if the company gets over $1 million in taxpayer subsidies. OUR money. Fucking piece of shit asshole.

Kidnap victim in NY found in NYPD detective’s house; no charges filed on the cop.

NYPD officially violated human rights during OWS protests. Given that they’re the 7th largest army in the world and Booberg declared it his personal own, they should be brought up on international charges. What they pulled is shit that happens in dictatorial countries. 

Sex assault victims in WI now have to pay for their own tests. Justice is only for the rich.

Candidate for KS school board: “‘Evolution is false science! God made the heaven and the earth and created humans from the dust of the earth! The very bad teachers that teach that men descended from apes via evolution need to have their teaching licenses revoked.'” Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Kansas?

Fracking industry pays off scientists to fake reports/data.

Why is Leon Panetta discussing war on Iran with Israel?

According to Scalia, women have no right to contraception but handheld rockets are a-okay.

When did Americans normalize extremism, ideas that were once unthinkable? 

Corporation Pushes Six-Year Pay Freeze On Workers While Making Record Profits, Paying CEO $17 Million” Fuck Caterpillar.

Man arrested in Oregon (of all places) for collecting rainwater, which now belongs to the government.


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