Articles of interest, july 25, 2012

The driving force behind repealing Glass-Steagall (which is what ruined our economy–thanks Clinton!) is now calling for it to come back.

Geithner caught in yet another lie about LIBOR.

Riots continue in Anaheim over the murders of two unarmed men by APD in two days. Police response? Siccing a K9 on a child, among other things.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officers busted into the wrong apartment and forced a former Miss Nevada to get out of bed naked, watched her do it, then joked that she would ‘have a story to tell others at Thanksgiving,‘”

Monsanto is writing more of its own laws. We saw how well that worked with Enron, except instead, they get to poison us.

While SCOTUS may have upheld the AHCA, they still managed to fuck 3 million out of health care

Could there be a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United?

The American general who led a Nato training mission in Afghanistan opposed an investigation into corruption and “Auschwitz-like” conditions at a US-funded hospital in Kabul for political reasons” There we go winning hearts and minds again.

Brave 93 year old woman sues over Voter ID law. Almost 25% of Philly will be disqualified.


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