Articles of interest July 23, 2012

US official poverty rate is above 15%, highest since 1965. The closer number is probably closer to 1 our of 6, or 47 million. 

Almost half of middle-class workers, 49 percent, will be poor or near poor in retirement, living on a food budget of about $5 a day.”

Did you know that your photo is likely in a facial recognition database, thanks to the ever increasingly creepy Facebook? How long before it’s sold to marketers, or to the public?

Washington admits violating the 4th Amendments during their surveillance efforts, but of course nothing will be done to change this.

The 1% are hiding up to $32 trillion offshore a number, at the cost of $280 billion. This money could have helped most of Africa, solved the euro crisis or put a major dent in the American depression. But these are the ones that are supposed to save the economy? Why aren’t they getting pilloried?

Due to slashed medical budgets and poor education, the South is the new American epicenter for AIDS. Good going, guys.

UN torture expert banned from testifying in Manning’s defense because “irrelevant to whether or not his nine-months of confinement was illegal

And, some brilliant Chris Hedges to lighten your day:

Talking about swathes of America have been destroyed for quarterly earnings.

How it’s the “careerists” who’ve done the most damage to our society.

And, the best: “How Our Demented Capitalist System Made America Insane


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