Articles of interest July 20, 2012

French lawmakers abolish tax breaks, boost taxes on rich” How much you wanna bet they fix their economy quickly?

While the Aurora incident is a tragedy, here are the five most self-serving reactions (included is King Booberg)

We’re about to get hit hard again, as the “subprime” student loan bubble is dangerously close to bursting.

No surprise: “ACLU: Senator’s emails reveal prejudice behind Arizona immigration law

They’re not even hiding it anymore–Cantor wrote the loophole against Congress being able to insider trade.

Cops raid wrong house, shoot dog, handcuff children next to dog carcass for hours

Why are we rushing to abandon our poor?

Thanks to Citizens United, we have no idea where money for the PA senate race is coming from.

It’s both sides: “Nearly all of Congress refuses to release tax returns

Not good: “Massive iceberg twice the size of Manhattan breaks off Greenland glacier

Twitter does the right thing and challenges judge’s order to turn over Occupy tweets.

Could there finally be an end to Facebook?


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