Articles of Interest, July 18, 2012

Good news: “97-yr-old ‘Most Wanted’ Nazi war criminal arrested in Hungary

Pretty good news–Planned Parenthood strikes back against Arizona’s fucked up laws that block low income women from getting the health care they need. And, the majority house in SC has overriden Gov. Haley’s budget that would close, among other things, rape crisis centers

Biggest financial scandal in history, the main culprit on why our economy is as bad as it is, and corporate owned news only gives 12 minutes airtime. Combined.

Even Bloomberg (News) acknowledges that the rich have declared class warfare.

Cicero police shot a man in the back as he rode a bicycle and let him bleed to death, then planted a gun by him, “threatened to kill” a witness, and intimidated and arrested other witnesses, the dead man’s father claims in Federal Court.” Given the level of police violence on innocents, I believe it 100%.

Handcuffed man shot twice by San Francisco police – witness reports

Man sues NYC for right to give the finger to cops.

George Soros’ son creating a SuperPAC aimed against campaign finance reform. Fuckhead.

While the rest of us are in a depression, the rich horde their money.

And it goes out with a whisper and not a bang–Germans quietly using the deutsche mark instead of the euro.

If someone in the government had read Wikileaks, instead of hunting down people who should be lauded, they would’ve known about the coming insurgency.

US wasted up to $8 bln on Iraq reconstruction


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