Articles of Interest July 11, 2012

First, some good news. “NSA chief: Hackers causing ‘the greatest transfer of wealth in history’”

The “Monsanto Rider”: Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity From Federal Law?”

Feds: Operator knew of pipeline problems years before Michigan oil spill

Crime rate going up in NYC–or rather numbers aren’t getting *as* before. Now it turns out they’ve also been making up how they’ve saved NYC from terror “plots”.

This is some Grapes of Wrath kind of stuff: “Unemployment Problem Includes Public Transportation That Separates Poor From Jobs

Baltimore: Another victim of the LIBOR scandal

People are waking up: Only 19% of liberals trust TV news

Rush Limbaugh Tells the Unemployed and Disabled They Need to Suffer More

SWAT team invades OWS’ers home over “anarchist” materials. I seem to recall this happening before in history…

Third CA city goes bankrupt. No charges, no blame.

Gov. Haley cuts rape crisis centers as they’re a “distraction”.

Another NAFTA, this time in the Pacific. Very disturbing stuff, especially given how devastating NAFTA turned out.

As many as 500,000 Louisiana residents — mainly working adults — won’t get government health insurance as a result of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s decision to reject a Medicaid expansion in the law overhauling the federal health care system.”


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