Articles of interest, July 3, 2012

Back in the saddle…

Matt Taibbi asks an excellent question: “Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

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I’ve discussed this before–it’s only newsworthy in how open all the dirty secrets are becoming. “NYPD Crime Stat Manipulation: Survey Of Ex-Officers Finds Rampant Downgrading Of Crimes”.

Don’t be fooled. The U.S. has plenty of debtors’ prisons. Being poor is illegal now.

Noooo, nothing is sketchy about Justice Thomas’ wife campaigning against health care while he was hearing the case. Funny that he was the dissenting opinion.

Con Ed would rather risk a major blackout in NYC than listen to workers’ demands to not have their pensions gutted. 

Verizon’s very interesting way of trying to gut net neutrality. I’d say it was a long shot, but given SCOTUS ruling on Citizens, who knows?

“8 Ways America’s Headed Back to the Robber-Baron Era”

How telling is it that the U.S., with its deeply puritanical work ethic, is the only advanced country without a national vacation policy? They’re more than happy to use us up until we’re dry. After all, given our anti-choice, anti-contraception policies, we can make more. And they’ll work cheaper!

Despite Twitter fighting this, the judge presiding over OWS cases order tweets turned over. This is a huge free speech issue, but I’m not surprised, since this judge has been coming down harder than the DA even asks for.

Whoops. “Government-sponsored study destroys DEA’s classification of marijuana”

Southern values revived: How a brutal strain of conservative American aristocrats have come to rule America”

Wow, he sure represents the people: “Rick Scott Announces Florida Won’t Take Medicaid Money


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