Articles of interest June 22, 2012

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some issues with posting, and they’ve gotten swallowed. Plus, last post until July.

Cops kill man, put gun next to body to avoid blame. Truth comes out 37 years later.

Explosives found near nuclear power plant in Sweden.

8th Amendment states that bail may not be excessive or punitive. 20% of those in prison are there because they can’t make bail.

Another brilliant Taibbi article about the scams Wall St. learned from the Mafia.

Absurdity: Under direct questioning, top DEA agent won’t admit pot is less lethal than heroin. Same DEA agent claims Prohibition worked.

Cuomo’s push for pot decriminalization up in smoke.

U.S. government spends more on corporate welfare than social programs.

The record for the most anti-environmental Congress in history, the current one.

And so it begins. Dayton to be first city in U.S. to be owned by China. We owe them more money than we can ever repay. The moment they call it in, we’re fucked. So instead, we’re letting them buy us up.

No compensation for the 7,600 in NC who were forcibly sterilized.

Er. Weapons given to Iraq are missing.

Why the fuck does JPMorgan Chase get a $14 billion subsidy?

You know that 30 trillion tons of toxic waste we’ve been pumping underground? It’s in the groundwater

Assange (likely rightly) claims that Sweden and UK are dragging their feet to give the U.S. a chance to build a case.

SCOTUS has not ruled against the (very right-wing, very conservative) Chamber of Commerce in even one case.

UN warned that US drone attacks constitute war crimes.

30% of one jury pool state they will not convict on small amounts of possession. 


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