Articles of Interest, June 19, 2012

News you won’t see in the U.S.: US government ordered to reimburse Native Americans

My man Howard Dean talks about how the US was not meant to be a corporatocracy.

CA man killed by cops after they beat him 20+ times with a flashlight, taze and place him in a chokehold. In MD, man videotapes a brawl, gets accused of 1st degree murder.

Scary: Most censorship requests to Google come from “democracies”.

UN steps up to defend OWS, US says nothing. I’m sure they’d be the first in line to “defend freedoms” in another country, though.

Bishop, others overly sentenced in OWS case.

Pictures of domestic drones at Lockheed. Salon article on how the drones are already being used.

NC 10 year old strip searched for $20 he did not take.

NYPD thug who bragged about “frying a nigger” admits to false arrest.

Environmental activists getting murdered at 2 a week, much of which is funded by corporations intent on destroying the planet.

Doublespeak for the day: “NSA: Revealing how many Americans we’ve spied on would violate their privacy”

“Dark Ages Redux: American Politics and the End of the Enlightenment”

1%’ers dictate who runs colleges.


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