Articles of Interest, June 14, 2012

Day off yesterday…

PA next state with a voter ID law. How many more before we admit that voting is a sham?

“Wall Street’s financial shenanigans, the banking games that made some fat cats outrageously wealthy as they turned home mortgages into toxic securities, wiped out 20 years of growth in American families’ net worth.”

How our attacks strengthen the terrorists.

Taibbi’s brilliant article on how NYC is repeating the mistake Chicago did with its meters.

Analysis of just how much we’re paying to keep the elderly in prison, thanks to all those harsh drug laws.

The awesome Sen. Wyden wants to repeal the hemp laws. Which were put in place to protect DuPont’s interests, with some help from his buddy Hearst. 

6 companies control 90% of all media in the U.S. Do you really think any of them are interested in truth? 

If CA’s referendum goes through, we *might* finally get labels for GMO food.


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