Articles of Interest June 8, 2012

Another heavy news day:

Great news to start the weekend: Judge rules in favor of suspending the indefinite detention clause in the NDAA. Chris Hedges, whose work I worship as much as Matt Taibbi’s is the main plaintiff in this suit. If you want to see why I love him so much, read this.

More good news: Possible DOJ investigation into stop and frisks.

Military suicides hit 10 year high. More have died by their own hand than in combat.

Somewhat good news: FL is going to suspend voter purge. The status of 2,000 voters are still up in the air.

More war on women: DHS bill only passes if there’s an anti-choice rider for undocumenteds in prison–even though there’s never been a need for it. Wouldn’t this go against their whole theory of “anchor babies”?

Pentagon halts it’s militarization of cops, briefly, until all those guns/Hummers/etc can be located. Where the fuck did it go?

Any coincidence that the “targeted” killing program coincides with the domestic propaganda laws?

“President as Hitman in Chief”

The six government agencies spying on you right now. And it’s not only who you think.

“How Citizens United helped Scott Walker Win”.

Great, great Esquire piece on how far reaching Citizens United actually is.


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