Articles of Interest June 6 and 7, 2012

Not a ton of stories yesterday, so today is combined.

“Michigan House Fast Tracks Abortion Super Bill”. The war on women marches on. See, they don’t have to overturn Roe v. Wade to put women in their place. Fuck, we can’t even get the fucking Equal Pay Act put through. Fuck this shit.

Anti-choice nutter writes highly threatening letter, claims free speech. Sad point in article talks about how no abortions have been performed in KS since the Tiller murder.

“Unprecedented” number of voting restriction laws put into place. This disenfranchises the old, poor and infirm–who are all likely to vote Dem. Like in WI, winning is by all means necessary, no matter if we’ve lost our democracy in the process.

It’s not just young minorities anymore–judge in Queens gets assaulted by a NYPD cop.

Cops in SLC force a catherization on a college student in retaliation for not finding any pot during a search.

NJ cop beats the crap out of a disabled guy, lies about it for years.

Architect coming home from Bible class suffers a diabetic reaction and crashes. Cops tase and beat him to death.

Americans more likely to be killed by furniture than terrorism

It’s not some far off issue--we’ve gone past the tipping point with the environment.

The union fight is more than about workers’ rights; it’s about defunding anything close to left.

Why is the GOP so intent on raising taxes for the poor? And, why working class people vote conservative (ie, against their own interests).

An examination of the effects of inequality.

Manning gets small crumb to his defense.


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