Articles of Interest, June 5, 2012

Gov. Corbett (R-PA) has not only given the green light to fracking (*and* not telling PA residents there wheres and whens), with the explanation that it gives the state badly needed revenue, but now he’s giving Shell at $67million tax credit. The only question is what percentage of Corbett’s campaign bribery is via Big Oil?

CNN contributor details how NYPD tricks people into showing their small amounts of pot..leading to their arrest and inflated crime stats that are manipulated to make the city seem much safer than it actually is.

15% of all TSA workers in the Ft. Meyers airport were disciplined or fired for being too lazy to do additional “random” checks.

Caterpillar’s profits went up 60%, wants concessions from workers. Similarly, Verizon lays off 1,700 workers; pays CEO $22m.

According to the head of AIG (fucker), retirement age should go up to 80.

Chomsky brings up a point I’ve been asking about for years. Why is it only “atrocities” when another country does it?

MJ article detailing how BoA execs, in their own words, knowingly committed fraud.

Not just for Florida anymore! 300,000 purged in TX voting.


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