Articles of Interest, June 4, 2012

No postings on the weekends, for the foreseeable future–the last place I want to be on my day off is in front of a screen. 

Gov. Cuomo is seeking to legalize small amounts of pot being publicly visible, which would cut down on all the stop and frisks. In theory. In fact, I don’t think Kelly is going to change a thing. Here’s hoping I’m pleasantly surprised. Booberg supposedly supports this, too, but I have a hard time swallowing that.

Guy spearheading voter ID laws can’t name a single instance of fraud. Well, none that he cares to mention.

U.S. gov’t withholding evidence in Manning case. I’m not terribly surprised, why should they fight fair?

And we keep on winning hearts and minds by bombing funerals where the only “militants” were the ones we posthumously decided.

And the hits just keep on coming for BoA. Now, turns out they defrauded their shareholders (not the first time, nor the first time we know about), by lying about Merrill Lynch’s losses.

Pakistan finally standing up to our drones, saying they are illegal. Good! These are our allies we’re bombing. 

Why stupidly high insurance deductibles are becoming the new norm

More on the introduction of domestic propaganda.


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