Articles of Interest, June 1, 2012

Obama “sped up” cyber attacks on Iran. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that unless you’re antagonizing into war. Cute to let Israel take the fall for that one. And even though he’s now, officially, above and beyond the most secretive president, he does love when positive stories “leak”.

Unemployment up to 8.2%. The true numbers are more than double, when you count those no longer receiving unemployment and the underemployed. When do we cut the propaganda and call it what it is–a depression.

Monsanto competitor settles at $105 million to compensate for intentionally poisoning U.S. water supply. For a company worth almost $7 billion, that’s nothing, cost of business. And, they’re shielded from any further civil suits…like in a decade, when people affected start dying of new and interesting diseases.

Officers arrest two journos in Chicago, telling them their 1st Amendment rights can be terminated (video in link).

This article asks if the Bilderbergers will choose the next president. I don’t see why not–they have every other time, along with setting world policy. The participant list this year, like all others, is most impressive. That fuckface Kissinger is there, as always. Meanwhile, people are finally waking up and there is a mass protest outside where they’re meeting in Chantilly, VA.

Multi-millionare kills teenager on bike while driving drunk and texting. Completely gets off. Another case of justice being blind.

On the “Zombie Apocolypse”. I was saying this last night…this rash of “zombism” is the result of the U.S. austerity cuts. We’ll see more of the same. Those of us who grew up in NYC remember what happened when St. Reagan cut the budgets for many mental health services and it wasn’t pretty.

Oklahoma rape victim denied emergency contraception on the basis of “religious” beliefs. Not only was this young woman denied emergency contraception after a rape by both a nurse and a doctor, they wouldn’t point her to someone who would dispense it. “Christians”, huh? There is about to be a similar law in Missouri and Kansas. I’m sick of this fucking war on women. Said it before, but if you can’t follow the Hippocratic oath, don’t be in the fucking medical profession. 

GOP Spokesman calls to hurl acid at female Dem senators. Nice.

Good analysis of why all women’s health centers are targets for violence.


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