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Articles of interest June 22, 2012

Unfortunately, I’ve been having some issues with posting, and they’ve gotten swallowed. Plus, last post until July.

Cops kill man, put gun next to body to avoid blame. Truth comes out 37 years later.

Explosives found near nuclear power plant in Sweden.

8th Amendment states that bail may not be excessive or punitive. 20% of those in prison are there because they can’t make bail.

Another brilliant Taibbi article about the scams Wall St. learned from the Mafia.

Absurdity: Under direct questioning, top DEA agent won’t admit pot is less lethal than heroin. Same DEA agent claims Prohibition worked.

Cuomo’s push for pot decriminalization up in smoke.

U.S. government spends more on corporate welfare than social programs.

The record for the most anti-environmental Congress in history, the current one.

And so it begins. Dayton to be first city in U.S. to be owned by China. We owe them more money than we can ever repay. The moment they call it in, we’re fucked. So instead, we’re letting them buy us up.

No compensation for the 7,600 in NC who were forcibly sterilized.

Er. Weapons given to Iraq are missing.

Why the fuck does JPMorgan Chase get a $14 billion subsidy?

You know that 30 trillion tons of toxic waste we’ve been pumping underground? It’s in the groundwater

Assange (likely rightly) claims that Sweden and UK are dragging their feet to give the U.S. a chance to build a case.

SCOTUS has not ruled against the (very right-wing, very conservative) Chamber of Commerce in even one case.

UN warned that US drone attacks constitute war crimes.

30% of one jury pool state they will not convict on small amounts of possession. 


Articles of Interest, June 15, 2012

On the Senate that was supposed to be grilling Dimon being his lapdogs instead. And here explains how Dimon stacked the deck. No one’s saying he isn’t brilliant, just evil.

Good fucking news for once from the Obama camp–he is actually instituting the DREAM Act (more or less). 

WalMart found spying on employees who want to join a union.

You’d think this story would be in PA or something: Queens boy writes report on marriage equality, which gets banned by principal.

How cracking down on prison rape would save the U.S. $50 billion a year. I’m sure the FPP lobby is pushing against it–after all, it’s not their bodies at risk.

U.S. government is reading our emails, texts, etc with no warrant. Hope you don’t mind them seeing those nude photos you sent!

So fucked up. “A judge has dismissed a lawsuit against U.S. officials by Guatemalans who had been subjected to sexually transmitted diseases by U.S. researchers in the 1940s.” Why? “But he ruled that federal law bars claims against the U.S. based on injuries suffered in a foreign country and granted a motion by the U.S. government to dismiss the suit.” So, we can go wherever we want, do whatever we want, and make up a law making us immune. Awesome.

Articles of Interest June 9-11, 2012

The article I tried to post to FB that got blocked: Obama’s coziness with Big Pharma. Same as his coziness to the other Bigs. We live in a corporatocracy and anyone who says otherwise is either trying to sell you something or doesn’t know what s/he’s talking about.

How SCOTUS is making sure we have indefinitely detained “enemy combatants”, even though there’s a 2008 law stating that there has to be *some* examination of a case, especially as so many have been found to have done nothing wrong. But this current court doesn’t like actually judging on the icky human rights stuff, so instead they refuse to hear.

Mike Huckabee doesn’t think we need more firefighters, police or teachers until we’re at a dire need. Spoken as a man who’s likely never had his house burn down.

How fucked up is this? Sharpsville area school employees fighting for right to eat expired food.

I knew the Koch victory in WI would open the floodgates--now the gov. of IN wants to do away with public unions all together.

Sign of the times: Spokesman for Greece’s neo-Nazi assaults opponent on TV and now is threatening to sue her. If this is accepted, it’s a very slippery slope.

Woodward and Bernstein discuss how Nixon was so much worse than we previously thought.

The brilliant Nobel laureate Stiglitz discusses how the American Dream is a myth.

“The janitors are currently paid an hourly wage of $8.35 and earn an average of $8,684 annually. They seek a raise to $10 an hour over the next three years, but the contractors offered just a $0.50 pay raise phased in over five years.”

According to Jeb Bush, neither his father nor St. Reagan would be welcome in today’s GOP.

Bernie Sanders questions why in hell the 1% are suddenly being so aggressive.

The 7 states that refuse to let an atheist hold office. In America.

5 notable Stand Your Ground cases you likely don’t know about.

VA legislature has decided that if they don’t mention that leftist conspiracy, global warming, it doesn’t exist.

Articles of Interest June 8, 2012

Another heavy news day:

Great news to start the weekend: Judge rules in favor of suspending the indefinite detention clause in the NDAA. Chris Hedges, whose work I worship as much as Matt Taibbi’s is the main plaintiff in this suit. If you want to see why I love him so much, read this.

More good news: Possible DOJ investigation into stop and frisks.

Military suicides hit 10 year high. More have died by their own hand than in combat.

Somewhat good news: FL is going to suspend voter purge. The status of 2,000 voters are still up in the air.

More war on women: DHS bill only passes if there’s an anti-choice rider for undocumenteds in prison–even though there’s never been a need for it. Wouldn’t this go against their whole theory of “anchor babies”?

Pentagon halts it’s militarization of cops, briefly, until all those guns/Hummers/etc can be located. Where the fuck did it go?

Any coincidence that the “targeted” killing program coincides with the domestic propaganda laws?

“President as Hitman in Chief”

The six government agencies spying on you right now. And it’s not only who you think.

“How Citizens United helped Scott Walker Win”.

Great, great Esquire piece on how far reaching Citizens United actually is.

Articles of Interest June 6 and 7, 2012

Not a ton of stories yesterday, so today is combined.

“Michigan House Fast Tracks Abortion Super Bill”. The war on women marches on. See, they don’t have to overturn Roe v. Wade to put women in their place. Fuck, we can’t even get the fucking Equal Pay Act put through. Fuck this shit.

Anti-choice nutter writes highly threatening letter, claims free speech. Sad point in article talks about how no abortions have been performed in KS since the Tiller murder.

“Unprecedented” number of voting restriction laws put into place. This disenfranchises the old, poor and infirm–who are all likely to vote Dem. Like in WI, winning is by all means necessary, no matter if we’ve lost our democracy in the process.

It’s not just young minorities anymore–judge in Queens gets assaulted by a NYPD cop.

Cops in SLC force a catherization on a college student in retaliation for not finding any pot during a search.

NJ cop beats the crap out of a disabled guy, lies about it for years.

Architect coming home from Bible class suffers a diabetic reaction and crashes. Cops tase and beat him to death.

Americans more likely to be killed by furniture than terrorism

It’s not some far off issue--we’ve gone past the tipping point with the environment.

The union fight is more than about workers’ rights; it’s about defunding anything close to left.

Why is the GOP so intent on raising taxes for the poor? And, why working class people vote conservative (ie, against their own interests).

An examination of the effects of inequality.

Manning gets small crumb to his defense.

Articles of Interest, June 5, 2012

Gov. Corbett (R-PA) has not only given the green light to fracking (*and* not telling PA residents there wheres and whens), with the explanation that it gives the state badly needed revenue, but now he’s giving Shell at $67million tax credit. The only question is what percentage of Corbett’s campaign bribery is via Big Oil?

CNN contributor details how NYPD tricks people into showing their small amounts of pot..leading to their arrest and inflated crime stats that are manipulated to make the city seem much safer than it actually is.

15% of all TSA workers in the Ft. Meyers airport were disciplined or fired for being too lazy to do additional “random” checks.

Caterpillar’s profits went up 60%, wants concessions from workers. Similarly, Verizon lays off 1,700 workers; pays CEO $22m.

According to the head of AIG (fucker), retirement age should go up to 80.

Chomsky brings up a point I’ve been asking about for years. Why is it only “atrocities” when another country does it?

MJ article detailing how BoA execs, in their own words, knowingly committed fraud.

Not just for Florida anymore! 300,000 purged in TX voting.

Articles of Interest, June 4, 2012

No postings on the weekends, for the foreseeable future–the last place I want to be on my day off is in front of a screen. 

Gov. Cuomo is seeking to legalize small amounts of pot being publicly visible, which would cut down on all the stop and frisks. In theory. In fact, I don’t think Kelly is going to change a thing. Here’s hoping I’m pleasantly surprised. Booberg supposedly supports this, too, but I have a hard time swallowing that.

Guy spearheading voter ID laws can’t name a single instance of fraud. Well, none that he cares to mention.

U.S. gov’t withholding evidence in Manning case. I’m not terribly surprised, why should they fight fair?

And we keep on winning hearts and minds by bombing funerals where the only “militants” were the ones we posthumously decided.

And the hits just keep on coming for BoA. Now, turns out they defrauded their shareholders (not the first time, nor the first time we know about), by lying about Merrill Lynch’s losses.

Pakistan finally standing up to our drones, saying they are illegal. Good! These are our allies we’re bombing. 

Why stupidly high insurance deductibles are becoming the new norm

More on the introduction of domestic propaganda.