Articles of interest, May 31, 2012

Mr. Taibbi explains why the SEC is only going after the small fish. He’s so fucking brilliant in the way he’s able to digest and break it down.

Philly airport allows defrocked pedophile priest to have sensitive position within the TSA.

35,000 Americans making 200k or more squirreled out of paying taxes. But they’re the job creators and we’re the ones sponging? 

Why isn’t Islam considered a Constitutionally protected religion? Why is TN being allowed to stop a mosque being created? 

Federal contractors free to donate without having to disclose the amounts–which you and I do.

FDA again shows us where their interests lie as they refuse to rename corn syrup for what it is, sugar.

Eric Holder is finally getting involved in the new Jim Crow (ie, voter ID laws).

President of European Central Bank has come out saying how fucked the EU is.


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