Articles of Interest, May 30, 2012

My own personal fantastic news is that after nine months, my disorderly conduct charge stemming from the “Pepper Spray Arrests” have been dismissed. I will be writing a blog about it soon.

Indiana charges woman with feticide after she attempts suicide. That’s great. Take a woman (already living, but they don’t care about people once they’re born) who must have been seriously depressed, and throw her in jail. This is on top of the law in UT that if a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, it can be considered murder. What is up with this criminalization? I’d say that it’s just the RW wringing their hands, but this is actually being carried through with.

TSA would like to double our security fees. And we’ll bitch about it, but it’ll happen. We have to pay for the illusion of safety in every way possible.

Dollar in trouble as more and more countries don’t want to trade in a currency so volatile.

Who needs too big to fail, anyway?

Court rules Assange can be extradited back to Sweden to answer bullshit harassment charges

Walker putting campaign contributions ($100k at a time) into his legal fund. I thought that wasn’t allowed?

Following up on yesterday: Gov. Scott pledges to purge more from voter rolls. He’ll do anything to get his man in, including (especially) rigging it so that our votes no longer count.

Hundreds of thousands of people are off unemployment, but employment numbers haven’t changed. No one has been able to clearly tell me if this means there will be a swath of those who have to turn to welfare? And with the proposed cuts…what? Are we going to let people die on the street?


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