Articles of Interest, May 29, 2012

Too long a respite from here the past few days… with the holiday, there haven’t been a ton of articles (or maybe I was just too lazy to thoroughly look).

Why conservatives are willing to sacrifice the life of the mother when a fetus is involved, but also cut funding for special needs kids.

Women in AZ are buying birth control on the black market. How long before wire hangers come back?

It’s not just here: UK doctors concerned that regulation safety checks of abortion clinics could be twisted by anti-choice groups.

Sad statistic: more soldiers have killed themselves than have died in combat since Iraq & Afghanistan began.

“‘Louisiana is the world’s prison capital. The state imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of its U.S. counterparts. First among Americans means first in the world. Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly triple Iran’s, seven times China’s and 10 times Germany’s.’” No surprise that LA is a for-profit prison system.

Gov. Scott (FL) is illegally knocking over a thousand people off the voter rolls. Remember, it was less than 600 that called Bush/Gore.

Koch Brothers help Walker by bussing in and feeding people from IL.

This wasn’t hard to figure out: radioactive fish now showing up in U.S. waters. Did we really think our American exceptionalism would make us any different than Japan or Russia/E. Europe?

LGBT friendly church set on fire, by, I’m sure, people who think they are the “real” Christians.

Ohio set to out Texas Texas by setting an execution date for a man found twice to be incompetent to stand trial.

Obama has his own personal hit list of those who are suspected of being Al-Qaeda. And to lessen any outcry about the many, many innocent people killed, Obama has lowered the threshold of suspicion to any male within the prime age group.

And, just for some humor:’s article about the 6 lies we believe about the “discovery” of America.


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