Articles of Interest, May 24, 2012

To make up for the solitary link yesterday, here are a whole bunch.

TSA given even more money to harrass, needlessly search and be completely useless.

 Obama is pushing for completely warrantless wiretapping. At what point do people acknowledge that at the very least on the domestic front, he’s turning out even worse than Bush II?

Scary CBO report surmises that we’re about to hit a depression due to this short-sighted, simplistic deficit reduction budget. It’s almost like they’re trying to sink our economy with their absurdities. And Obama isn’t free and clear on this–he’s put up no fight about it.

12.7% of people 15-24 are out of work and that number is expected to climb until at least 2016. That’s a lot of angry people with time on their hands. Is it any surprise that this same demographic has woken up to the class war from above?

Another example of good ol’ fashioned American racism. KKK is not only alive and well, they’ve invited NC residents to a “whites only” cross burning.

The push is on to revoke Fox’s license due to the Murdoch wiretapping scandal both here and in the UK.

10 dumbest members of Congress. One guess as to which party they belong to. Related article about the death of the American public intellectual. Idiocracy, anyone?

Second suspicious fire in a week breaks out at a GA abortion provider. But, I’m sure, like the other recent incidents, this will be deemed a lone nut and not domestic terrorism.

American Airlines kicks woman off flight for wearing pro-choice t-shirt.

How the DEA is putting more pressure on medical marijuana facilities to close, although public support is in their favor. Doesn’t matter what we think–what matters is whose pockets get lined.

NY legislators introduce bill disallowing anonymous posts or comments.

Cop caught speeding almost 150 mph while drunk gets job back.

St. Louis cops are freaking out that dash cams will be used against them. Then don’t brutalize or plant evidence?

BART shooter, ex-cop, wants conviction overturned. It’s a textbook case of involuntary manslaughter (at least), so I’m not sure how that’ll fly. But more messed up stuff has happened.

How mistreatment and abuse by the guards at the for-profit prison that resulted in riots hit a boiling point.

Nice. JPMorgan investigation headed by ex-JPM lobbyist. This while the government says they’re trying to control conflicting interest within the Fed.

Why are disabled kids getting handcuffed for behavioral issues in our schools? What is this teaching them?


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