Articles of Interest May 21, 2012

Away for a few days, then enjoying the outside world too much to go online, so this one will be long.

Almost 50 vets returned their service medals over the weekend at the NATO summit, including Scott Olsen

‎”A police state is one in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population.” This weekend in Chicago showed that there is no other term  for what’s going on.. How in fuck can we say we stand for freedom with a straight face? “Eight-foot tall, anti-scale security fencing went up all over that perimeter and downtown, including Grant Park; and the Chicago police..were out in force on riot-geared horses, bikes, and patrols – batons at the ready…Meanwhile, F-16 warplanes “screamed through the skies as part of a pre-summit defense exercise” and helicopters hovered incessantly..road closures and pedestrian restrictions included dozens of road closures. There will also be airspace restrictions over Chicago (the flight advisory is here). In addition, there will be marina and waterway restrictions, with the creation of special “maritime security zones”, and an increased presence of US Coast Guard during the summit.
So, welcome, Nato, to the Chicago police state 2012. It may be hard to see or experience the security measures from within the perimeter, but for Chicagoans, the new experience is chilling. As one Chicagoan reportedly told NBC Chicago, the mass of security equipment “made her feel like she was on ‘lockdown’.” If this isn’t a police state, what the fuck IS it?”

You know that rhetoric about how we need to give money to the ultra rich, because they’re the only ones who can kick start this economy? And not to worry, because they’ll spend every penny, which will then trickle down to us? Instead, these “patriots” are renouncing their citizenship in order to keep all (1800 last year alone).

Deadly explosion at PA plant is the prime example of why deregulation is so deadly. Between that, BP and so, so many others, I can’t imagine why *any*one would claim less regulation is the key.

More than 2,000 people wrongly convicted of major felonies (including 101 from death row) have been exonerated in the past 20 years. And those are only the ones we know about.

Because she had such low level involvement (never touched or saw the narcotics in question) and had nothing to “deal”, TX grandmother is sentenced to life imprisonment

Inmates at a low security for profit prison start major riot. This facility is controlled by the CCA, the largest FPP group in the country. They’re already known for forgetting about prisoners, hiring the cheapest (not the best) guards, leaving inmates to die, substandard food and horrific living conditions (and this is not just a few odd cases–it is pervasive). How can we trust them with the higher security facilities (which they are putting all their lobbying efforts into)?

Yet another reason to abolish the death penalty: death row inmates are nine times more likely to be found innocent than other inmates convicted of murder.

Gov. Christie has some balls: while parading around the country kissing conservative ass, NJ is *still* in shortfall. But, of course, his answer is to cut taxes in a way to help the richest

Fox News commentator remarks on why women shouldn’t have the right to vote. But no, there’s no war on women.

I usually don’t speak much on Palestinian-Israel issues for many reasons, but this is gone too far. Jewish settlers are ripping up crops and defacing land. Now, “A video released by an Israeli human rights group appears to show a settler firing a pistol at a group of Palestinian protesters while police and soldiers stand by.”

A few days ago in ID, 13 employees and owners of various head shops around the country were raided as if they were Tony Montana or Pablo Escobar. Not for illegally selling anything, just stocking water pipes. 5:30 in the morning, cars seized, children terrified. What the fuck? This is what the DEA finds most pressing? 

Teen files suit against school for being stripsearched on faulty info and after nothing resulted from the invasive pat down. 

In 2008, a law was passed allowing all international communications to be monitored. All. Journos, lawyers and human rights groups are taking the case to SCOTUS since these sensitive communications are being spied on with impunity. I’ll be watching this one.

Very interesting article on how and why Justice Roberts orchestrated Citizens United.

Texas is the worst state in the nation for job discrimination.

White House visitor logs show just how bad the lobbying is, worse than Bush. In and out, all day, none of whom have Americans’ best interests at heart. But we, the people, aren’t allowed in. Most will shrug and say that this is the cost of doing business, a necessary evil. If that’s so, then the logical step is that our government is bought and sold by corporate interests. “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”–FDR


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