Took a couple of days off…real life and all that. 

Rep. Peter King continues to show the depths of his insanity by claiming the NYPD doesn’t profile…even though they admit they have. The rate, by the way, is set to rise by more than a quarter than it was last year (800k).

Pasadena police shoot kid who they were told was armed during a robbery (he had no part in it). That’s not really news, unfortunately. But what is, is that they handcuffed him after shooting him seven times.

In Louisiana, the *world’s* capital of prisons, the sheriffs’ get kickbacks (‘scuze me, funding) for everyone in jail. Think there might be incentive to lock people up?

Over 20 years ago,  an innocent man was put to death in state sanctioned murder. Yet another reminder of how our system of justice, isn’t. But, imo, people are more concerned with appearances than fact and as long as they feel safer, then they are.

Asshole gov. of Kansas signs into law that pharmacists can withhold any prescription if s/he feels it could possibly cause a miscarriage or abortion. 

Because of abstinence “education”, 60% of young adults don’t know the facts about contraception. I honestly don’t understand it. It seems to me to be to not educate them (sex or other), make sure they keep the kid, and then when the kid is born, not help them. Because that would be socialism.

Bureaucrat leaves out key information in pardon, prisoner stays in jail–even though he is the poster child for pardons.

Bain Capital subsidiary fires all workers, offers to hire some of them back at a much lower wage. Romney–job creator. 

CIA kidnaps wrong man, sends him to secret prison where they torture him for years. When they figure it out, they drop him on the side of a mountain road in Albania. No sorry, no nothing. Exactly as CIA had hoped, SCOTUS won’t hear the case because it didn’t happen on US soil. Now the European High Court is hearing it. How fucking shameful for us.

Monsanto and Dow continue to try to kill us.

Shale, the product of fracking, which is poisoning our water and causing earthquakes, is “fool’s gold”.

Five very shameful facts about the US (like, we’re near the bottom of children’s health and welfare–but JP Morgan needs bailed out!).


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