Articles of interest, may 10, 2012

Mr. Taibbi, once again, lays it all out--this time about austerity measures here as opposed to Europe. Not a new revelation, but it’s very interesting that in Europe, when they enact austerity laws, the people fight back. Here, we not only take it, we actually defend what is not in our best interests.

Spanish citizens are gearing up for massive protests against the austerity cuts. They are facing very similar obstacles to what OWS has. Interested to see how they handle it.

So, I thought the story about cops giving Occupiers drugs and letting them loose was a rumor. I was wrong (MKULTRA, anyone?). The program has (officially) ended and none of the cops will get in trouble because (like always) they were just following orders. Doesn’t matter now–the damage is already done, both physically and to the reputation of both the individual and Occupy as a whole. Cuz you just *know* that the cops called the local station to report how the Occupiers are “out of control druggies”. And we’re supposed to trust the cops.

In the good ol’ fashioned American racism department, ID sheriff candidate hosts a cross burning with fellow KKK’ers and is defending the ceremony as a Christian ritual. I wonder what Jesus would say about that.

Senate Republicans stop Stafford loan rates from doubling. Someone please tell me why this isn’t going to be the nail in our economic coffin. From what I’ve been reading, this bubble bursting is going to make the housing crash look like the Dot Gone era.

Why is it that our productivity has gone up but we’re doing even more poorly?

It’s easy, here in NYC, to not see just how bad the economic devastation is around the country. This is an excellent portrait.

Cop kicks 9 month pregnant woman in stomach, department defends. Again, we’re to trust these people? What kind of human does that? 

Only 27% of Americans still support the Afghan War. How many of those are related in some way to the military industrial complex?

Climate change and the rising ocean temperatures are responsible for the deaths of 5,000 birds and 900 dolphins near Peru alone.

Excellent Op-Ed piece in the NYTimes about just how fucked we are with climate change. We are reaping what we sowed with ignoring this for so long. 

FDA puts pressure on advisory group to rush through a drug, though it could cause cancer and there is no clear data on different dosages.

FDA, EPA and Monsanto are all in bed with each other (don’t forget DuPont and Bayer, too), putting our safety at peril.

How the rich get richer: renouncing their citizenship and avoiding taxes. But they’re the *real* Americans, who are job creators and want to help the country, right?

“Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration, the steadfast, systematic shielding of Wall Street from criminal liability is probably the most corrupt in the traditional sense of that word.”

Military leaders taught that we need to be at war with 1.4 billion Muslims to make America safe, to target civilian populations as much as possible and to look to Hiroshima as inspiration.

How keeping us terrified on the flimsiest of evidence (notice how all these “bombers” charges are always dropped) keeps us in line and manufacturers rich. 



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