Newly released German government documents (from 1998) reveal their deep distrust for the feasibility of the euro sustaining itself, particularly with Italy. Not only were those early red flags never addressed, seems that Italy’s inclusion was solely to save face.

The Underwear Bomber was actually working for the CIA. 

Humane Society members goes undercover and films workers at a plant treating pigs horrifically, including leaving fetuses to rot in front of the mother who can’t look away, punching and jumping on broken bones. For fuck’s sake, buy family farms. And if you can’t afford that, perhaps you need to reexamine just how much meat you need to consume.

The plastic waste we toss instead of recycle has grown 100 fold over the last 40 years to the size of Texas. Microplastic, which has grown at the same rate, kills the natural sea environment. 

The United States’ rate of voting is abysmal. In some states it’s as low as 20%, while nationally has never gone above 65%. I have my doubts that voting makes any difference, but people sure run their mouths about any/everything, when they won’t even get off their couches and vote. 

Fantastic article detailing just how corrupt the for-profit prison system is. If it weren’t for them, there wouldn’t be incidences of people being forgotten about, the spike of deaths and maltreatment, or the continued prohibition of marijuana. FPPs are why we have the world’s highest incarceration rate. 


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