Articles of Interest, May 8, 2012

Regular FOX News guest gives sermon about how America’s greatest mistake was giving women the right to vote.

Occupy helps to save another house from foreclosure. Still winning!

93 year old woman sues PA over their new Jim Crow voting laws. This, of course, disproportionally affects the poor, minorities and the disenfranchised the most.

The GOP’s Violence Against Women Act is being called an all out gender attack as it excludes LGBT, Native American and immigrant women.

Sen. Feingold mentions during an interview that Justice Kennedy is probably embarrassed about the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United. If I was involved in allowing the the all but legalization of corruption in politics, I’d be hanging my head in shame, too.

The ten minute videotape of Kelly Thomas getting beaten to death by the Fullerton Police last summer was finally released at trial. This is coupled with the police audio recording. It’s pretty awful, especially when he cries out for his father. And the cops might actually get off.

Idaho farmers talk about how they need more migrant workers or else there aren’t going to be enough hands to pick the crops. At the end of the day, after all the walls, “Papers Please” laws and outright racism in the name of them “taking our jobs”, we are unwilling to do that work. I thought for sure that that would change as the economy started tanking, but I guess we haven’t gotten to that point yet.

Corporate profits are at pre-recession levels. Guess who’s making up the shortfall?



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