Articles of interest May 7, 2012

Busy day for news!

Despite what the cops might tell you, like they are allowed to videotape you in public, you have the right to do the same to them. Does this mean, at least in theory, that what happened last week in GA be considered B&E?

In January, there was (not enough of) a stink about this video of the NYPD kicking the everloving shit out of a teenager who was clearly unarmed. They claimed that the kid had punched an officer and had pot on him. Now that the surveillance footage has been released and in the possession of NY1, turns out they were lying.

Kansas House of Reps pass bill that states it will  “allow a doctor to refuse to provide chemotherapy to a pregnant cancer patient because it might end her pregnancy.

PP is suing Texas for illegally excluding them from funding of women’s health services. Perry’s decided that if they win, he’s closing the whole women’s health program down. I mean, after all, they’ll likely not vote for him again, so they can die in the streets.

Stop believing the bullshit. Social Security is not going broke. The coffers are dwindling because they’re looting them, nothing else.

Lockheed Martin gets no bid contract to run US cybercrime lab (why is this being outsourced at all?), even though they were hacked just a few months ago.

To make sure those no bid military industrial contracts are kept up, plus all the trillions that just go missing, Republicans want to cut essential services like food stamps and Medicaid.

“So here we have one of America’s most conventional pundits [Fareed Zakaria] correctly warning of America’s soon-to-be-irreversible transformation into a limitless domestic Surveillance State, and none of that will even be acknowledged, let alone debated, in our election.”

It’s not enough that the 1% have ripped us off over and over again in every way they can, but the insane, inane, whining really has to stop.

US sells AIG stock *back* to AIG for much lower than it was bailed out for. If they’re still being supported by us, how in fuck can they afford to be buying anything back?

EU’s governing body is starting to look a lot like the IMF. Merkel will not allow a reworking of the austerity financial pact, even with the new elections in Greece and France (where the “centrists” are replaced by the far more out there, like Greece’s neo-Nazi party, who has 8% of the Parliament). Even though citizens are killing themselves over it and the riots are all over, they will not waiver. I find it ironic that it’s Germany leading the charge…do they not remember their own history?


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