Articles of Interest, May 5-6 2012

Excellent Glenn Greenwald article, about pressure by the FBI and Obama administration to not only have easy access to all internet communication (that’s been going on since ’01), but to force all of it to have a governmental back door. Sounds brilliant–what could *possibly* go wrong?

Greeks vote out those who enacted the country’s austerity programs in favor of radical left and right parties. Unfortunately, this includes neo-Nazis. These circumstances are sounding awfully familiar…

American Airlines is suing to keep a union shop from opening. Even through the company’s anti-union campaigns, when workers still want to form a shop, they’ll do anything they can to prevent it.

Georgia opens the first jail dedicated to veterans. Turns out that dropping vets back into the civilian world without any chance to decompress is resulting in a higher crime rate. With all the VA cutbacks, they aren’t getting the help they need. And, with Georgia being a for-profit prison system, it’s a lot easier to throw them away than rehabilitate.

NYPD new method of clearing female Occupiers: grabbing their breast and when they say something, break their wrist.

BP got a big win when a federal judge postponed the Gulf disaster trial until 2013. And, mirroring being told the air downtown was safe after 9/11, lawsuits over horrific injuries are starting by people exposed to the chemicals.


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