Articles of Interest, May 4, 2012

First and foremost, RIP MCA. Beasties will always, always rule.

Cops in White Plains, NY get acquitted for breaking down the door of a 68 year old former Marine and shooting him to death.

On duty Secret Service hits woman crossing the street, kills her. Of course, according to law enforcement, he was in the right. article discusses peak oil. Peak oil itself is not news, but that Forbes is talking about it, is.

The five major special interest groups holding the United States back from entering the 21st century and ending marijuana prohibition.

Breitbart coroner dies of arsenic poisoning barely two months after the autopsy. I am by no means a fan, or much care that Breitbart is dead or if this is anything but coincidence. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

CEO pay increased 127 times faster than the average worker’s over the last 30 years. Remind me again why we need bosses and why we can’t function under the co-op system?

Teen film police shooting from their balcony. Police see this, break into their home, arrest them for disorderly. Charges dropped, cops keep SIM card, which is illegal.

On this 42nd anniversary of Kent State, we need to consider if the militarization and brutality the cops are using against Occupy will lead to a similar tragedy.

These last two are a little bit more out there, but work with me on this, because often RT has posted stuff that seem rabble rousing or just plain bizarre and have turned out to be truth. US Army document about reeducation camps and PSYOPS applies to activists. Same set of documents confirms that they apply to US citizens. As we slip and slide into the U.S. being a fascist state (the Germans didn’t think they lived under fascism, either), including the NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Act, is this so out there–especially given that we’ve admitted torturing our own citizens?


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